NCAT to redetermine 'consumer guarantee directions'

Announcement - 10 January 2019

Changes to the Fair Trading Act 1987 give NCAT the power to redetermine 'consumer guarantee directions' issued by NSW Fair Trading.

What is a consumer guarantee direction?

From 28 December 2018, NSW Fair Trading can issue 'consumer guarantee direction' to help resolve consumer disputes with a business about alleged breaches of the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

Consumer guarantee directions can only be made about goods valued between $25-$3,000 and purchased in the 6 months prior. 

If the consumer or business is unhappy with the consumer guarantee direction, they can apply to NCAT for a redetermination.

Visit the NSW Fair Trading website to learn more about consumer guarantee directions.

Resolving disputes at NCAT

Either the consumer or the business can apply to the NCAT about a consumer guarantee direction.

To apply to NCAT for a redetermination:

  1. Complete the application form Redetermination of a consumer guarantee direction [PDF 96kB]
  2. Attach a copy of the consumer guarantee direction issued by NSW Fair Trading
  3. Lodge the application form with appropriate fee at any NCAT Registry office.

Learn more about applying to NCAT about a consumer guarantee direction.

Consumers can also lodge an application directly to NCAT about goods or services up to the value of $40,000.  Learn more about consumer claims.

Last updated:

06 May 2020

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