NCAT 5-year statutory review

Announcement - 30 May 2019

The Department of Justice is conducting a review of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013, which established the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). 

The purpose of the review is to find out how well it is working, and to look at reforms that could strengthen access to justice for people in NSW.

Have your say

The Department invites interested individuals and organisations to give their feedback about the effectiveness of NCAT and to suggest ideas that promote increased access to justice.

Submissions can be made on any issue relating to the operation of NCAT, however questions to consider might include:

  • Is it easy or difficult for people to work out whether NCAT is the right body to resolve their legal issue?
  • Is NCAT accessible and responsive to its users' needs?
  • Are there things that NCAT could do to make it easier for people appearing in the Tribunal to understand the process and participate?
  • Does NCAT resolve legal disputes quickly, cheaply and fairly?
  • Should NCAT resolve some matters just by looking at the documents submitted by the parties, without a hearing in person?
  • Does NCAT need additional powers to be able to enforce its decisions?

More information

For more information about the review and how to make a submission, visit the NSW Justice statutory reviews page.

Submission close on 10 July 2019. 

About NCAT

NCAT was established by the NSW Government in 2014 to provide a simple, quick, and effective process for resolving disputes and reviewing administrative action. It has broad powers to deal with a wide range of civil disputes, including tenancy and strata, administrative review of government decisions, discrimination, guardianship, and professional disciplinary matters.

Last updated:

06 May 2020

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