Digitisation of warrants for possession

Announcement – 21 May 2021

From Monday 24 May 2021, all warrants for possession issued by NCAT will be electronically transmitted to the Office of the Sheriff.

New streamlined process

NCAT and the Office of the Sheriff have been working together to streamline and automate the enforcement process of warrants for possession. The new process is part of NCAT's strategy to increase digitisation of its services.

When a warrant for possession is issued, NCAT will now automatically send a copy of the warrant for possession to the Office of Sheriff. Landlords can email or telephone the Office of the Sheriff to arrange and pay for the eviction booking process.

How to request a warrant for possession

If a tenant does not leave the rented premises after NCAT has made an order for termination and possession, the landlord can:

NCAT can issue warrants for possession in tenancy, holiday parks, residential (land lease) communities and retirement villages matters. 

Learn more about requesting a warrant for possession.

Last updated:

08 Sep 2022

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