NCAT aims to provide an environment where all participants feel safe in our hearing rooms and buildings.

The Court Security Act 2005 provides for security of courts and tribunals. Not complying with lawful directions given by a security officer under this Act may be an offence.

Scanning procedures

Some NCAT hearing venues have airport-style security at the entrance.  

If you are attending an NCAT premises that has security checking:

  • Place all your belongings on the conveyor belt to pass through the scanner.
  • Go through the walk-through metal detector.
  • You may also be scanned with a hand-held metal detector.

Temporary and random scanning operations are held from time to time in other NCAT locations.

Unauthorised items

The following items must not be brought into NCAT premises.

​Prohibited items
​Potentially dangerous or threatening items
  • ​Firearms
  • Knives
  • Prohibited weapons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Tools, such as screwdrivers, spanners and hammers
  • Scissors and other sharp items
  • Glass water bottles or other glass containers
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Syringes, which you do not have medical authority to use

It is an offence to bring prohibited items into NCAT premises. Prohibited items will be confiscated and handed to police.

Security officers may hold other items considered potentially dangerous or threatening. These items will be returned to you when you leave the premises.

People attending NCAT are also not permitted to take alcohol onto NCAT premises. 

Security threats

Threats or comments made about weapons, explosives or intentions to cause damage or harm are taken seriously. Entry to the building may be refused and police may be called.

Common questions

Do I have to be scanned?

Yes, if you are attending NCAT premises with security scanning. It is a condition of entry into all NCAT premises to comply with the security arrangements.

What if I have a physical or medical reason that prevents me from being scanned?

If you cannot be scanned due to a disability or medical implant, tell the security officer. They will assist by using an alternative search method. 

Security officers are trained to conduct searches in a manner that protects your privacy and dignity.

Will the x-ray machine contaminate or harm my property?

No. The x-ray machines are regularly maintained. Any exposure is well under the legal limits allowed. The x-rays emitted from the machine are not radioactive. They do not cause a reaction in foods and medicines or other materials including electronic equipment.

Will the security procedures cause delays?

You must comply with security procedures to enter NCAT premises. To reduce possible delays, arrive early and think carefully about the items you are bringing.

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Last updated:

08 Sep 2022

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