Apply for an urgent hearing

NCAT can arrange an urgent hearing if your case involves an issue that needs to be dealt with urgently,

What is an urgent issue

Urgent issues include an immediate risk of harm to person or property, severe personal or financial hardship, threat of removal of children, and warrant or lockout threats.

If NCAT agrees there is a high risk of immediate harm, a hearing may be held within 1 to 7 days depending on the urgency of the issue.

How to apply for an urgent hearing

Step 1:
 Download and complete an NCAT application form.

Step 2: Clearly write or mark "URGENT" at the top of the application form and provide details about why it is urgent.

Step 3: Attach supporting documents. For example, an apprehended violence order or police report, a medical certificate, or a written statement from a witness.

You cannot apply online for an urgent application.

Guardianship Division applications

All applications in the Guardianship Division are reviewed on receipt to determine the level of risk being experienced by the person who is the subject of the application (‘the person’). The time taken for an application to be heard depends on a range of factors including:

  • The risk to the person
  • The time required to gather the necessary evidence to prepare the application for hearing.

If your application to the Guardianship Division needs urgent attention, please phone the Registry on 1300 006 228.

Apply for interim orders

For some types of cases where urgent action is needed, you can apply to NCAT for interim (temporary) orders in addition to the main application.  

You can apply for interim orders in the following case types:

Request a stay order

If you are applying the NCAT for an administrative review of a government decision or an appeal, you may be able apply to NCAT for a stay of the original orders while your application or appeal is being considered.  Check your case type to see if you can apply for a stay order.

Last updated:

30 Apr 2024

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