An adjournment is when a hearing or other type of listing is changed to another date.

Consider your alternatives

Before requesting an adjournment, ask NCAT what alternatives are available to you. These may include:

  • A telephone or video link hearing
  • Providing submissions and evidence in written form only
  • Applying for another person to represent you at the hearing

Please note there is no automatic right to these alternatives. NCAT will assess your request and determine whether appropriate in the circumstances of your particular case.

How to request an adjournment

Make your adjournment request to NCAT as soon as possible.

Step 1: Contact the other party

You must contact all other parties and let them know you want to change the hearing date. Ask them if they agree to the adjournment and to send their response in writing.

Step 2: Send your request to NCAT

An adjournment request must be in writing.  You can send your request to the NCAT Registry by email or post.

Step 3: Attach supporting documents

You must attach supporting documents with your adjournment request.  This should include any responses received from the other parties. Supporting documents may include:

  • A medical certificate that states you are unable to attend the hearing and the medical reasons why.

  • A copy of travel booking or itinerary and information about when the booking was made.

Step 4: Do not assume the date has changed

Do not assume the date will be changed. Your hearing will go ahead as originally planned, unless we contact you to confirm a new date and time.

A change of date may not be possible

NCAT will not agree to an adjournment unless there is a good reason to change the date, and it is fair in the circumstances.  It is possible that NCAT will not change the date even if all parties agree.

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19 Dec 2022

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