Fees at NCAT

Fees and charges for the filing of applications, appeals and other services at NCAT.

The following schedule of fees and charges for applications, appeals and other services applies as at 1 July 2023.

NCAT's fees and charges are prescribed under the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Regulation 2022.

Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division and Occupational Division

Matter type ​Standard fee ​Corporation fee​ ​Reduce​d fee
Administrative review application
​$119 ​$238 ​$30
to be determined by 2 or more members* $247 ​$494 ​$62
under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 ​​No fee ​​No fee ​​No fee
​under the Community Services
(Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) 
Act 1993
​No fee ​No fee ​No fee
General application or external appeal ​$119 ​$238 ​$30
​to be determined by 2 or more members* ​$247 ​$494 ​$62
​to be determined by Appeal Panel ​$486 ​$972 ​$122
under the:
- Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 
- Anti-Discrimination Act 1977
- Local Government Act 1993
- Legal Professional Uniform 
Application Act 2014
- Public Notaries Act 1997
- Dormant Funds Act 1942
​No fee ​No fee ​​No fee
Health Practitioner List matters ​No fee ​No fee ​No fee

​​* Refer to section 27 and relevant Division Schedules of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013​.​

Consumer and Commercial Division

​Matter type ​Standard fee ​Corporation fee​ ​Reduce​d fee​
Residential proceedings
Includes matters about tenancy,
social housing, residential communities, retirement villages and boarding houses.
​$58 $116
General consumer or commercial proceedings
Includes matters about agent commissions and fees, agricultural tenancy, consumer claims, conveyancing costs, dividing fences, holiday parks, home building, motor vehicles, pawnbrokers and second-hand-dealers, and uncollected goods.
​Claims not more than $10,000
(or no amount)
​Claims over $10,000 to $30,000 ​$120
​Claims more than $30,000 ​$309
Strata and community schemes
General application


General application for orders and interim orders when lodged at the same time ​$240 ​$480 ​$60
Retail leases ​$119 ​$238 ​$30
Renewal of proceedings ​Same as original application Same as original application Same as original application

Guardianship Division

​Matte​r type​​​​ ​Standard fee​ ​Corporation fe​​e​ ​Reduce​d fee​
No fee No fee No fee

Other application fees

​Matte​r type​​​​ ​Standard fee​ ​Corporation fe​​e​​ ​Reduce​d fee​
​Internal Appeal ​$486 ​$972 ​$122
​Set aside application ​$120 ​$240 ​$30
​Reinstatement application
​Same as original application
​Same as original application
​Same as original application

Explanatory notes

Corporation fee

The corporation fee applies to all organisations defined as a corporation​ by section 57A of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Corporations that lodge an application with the incorrect fee will be contacted and will be required to pay the correct fee.

Reduced or concession fee

The reduced or concession fee applies to eligible pensioners or individuals in receipt of a grant of legal aid or assistance from a community legal centre. The concession rate is set at 25% of the full fee (rounded up or down to the nearest whole dollar amount).

Other services​

​Service type​​​ ​Fee
​Copy of sound recording (for each hearing event) ​$48
​Issue of a summons (for production of or to give evidence, or both) ​$53
​Request for the production to Tribunal of documents held by court ​$61
​Retrieval of any document or file from archives ​$94
​Copy or certified copy of decision or written reasons# ​​$94
​Request by a non-party to inspect public access documents## ​$48
​Photocopying of documents where Tribunal staff member makes copies ​$2 per sheet

​# The Guardianship Division does not supply certified copies.

## Payment of fee is applicable per finalised matter. Fee is for inspection only and is payable in addition to any charges for the photocopying of documents.

Last updated:

23 Nov 2023

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