NCAT Online FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers about using the NCAT Online service.

Lodging online applications

Which applications can I lodge with NCAT Online?

All tenancy, social housing, consumer claims, residential communities, home building and motor vehicle applications can be lodged with NCAT Online.

For all other matters download an application form in PDF format.

Can I submit attachments with my NCAT Online application?

No, attachments cannot be submitted via NCAT Online. Any attachments relevant to your application must be posted or delivered to NCAT within five (5) working days after lodgement. Please include your application number when sending attachments. Your application number will be located at the top of your NCAT Online application form.

Do I have a time limit when lodging an NCAT Online application?

For security purposes, you will have 3 hours to complete and submit your application. If you do not submit your application within 3 hours, information will be lost and you will need to start the application process again.

How do I check my hearing details?

Log into eServices with your file number and eNumber to view the date, time and location of your upcoming hearing.

If you are a NCAT Online ‘Frequent User’, log in and view the progress of your applications by clicking on the ‘Application Status’ link.  

What happens with my personal details?

When you provide information or evidence to NCAT all parties involved in the case will have access to this information, unless we order otherwise.  Learn more about confidentiality and privacy.

Why can't I lodge an application with my Administrator username and password?

A 'Frequent User Administrator' cannot lodge NCAT Online applications with their username and password. The role of the Administrator is only to administer the frequent user accounts. 

If you are the Administrator and you want to lodge applications, you must create a frequent user account for yourself. Instructions are included in NCAT's initial confirmation of registration email. Contact the NCAT Online helpdesk during business hours on 1300 305 215 or email​ for technical assistance.

Online payments

What is the cost to use NCAT Online?

Application fees are the same for applications lodged by post, over the counter or online. View the current fees and charges. Fees and charges paid by credit card have a credit card surcharge applied.

Do you accept any other payment method on NCAT Online other than credit card?

No, not at present. The only payment method available for NCAT Online is credit card. Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

Are my credit card details protected from others?

Yes. All payments made using NCAT Online are secure. Credit card details are protected by 128-bit encryption and the payment transaction is carried out using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. This is the highest level of internet security available.

If you are a registered 'Frequent User', credit card details can only be entered and accessed by the Frequent User Administrator. When credit card details are stored, staff cannot see the details when lodging applications using NCAT Online.  Credit card details cannot be seen by Tribunal staff and are only identifiable by the last 4 digits of your card.

Emailed notices and correspondence

What happens when I opt-in for email notices and correspondence?

You will receive NCAT notices of hearing, orders and other correspondence by email only. This means you will not receive a hard copy. It is important you provide an email address that is accurate and that the email account is checked regularly.

NCAT emails notices and other correspondence as PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open the documents.

I was expecting an email from NCAT and it has not arrived 

If you have not received an email that you were expecting from NCAT, please check your junk mail folder before contacting the NCAT Registry.

What happens if I accidentally type in the wrong email address?

If you have provided an invalid email address, NCAT​ will be notified of an email delivery failure when the system attempts to email your notice/correspondence. NCAT Registry staff will then contact you using other details provided on your application form. 

How can I change my email address details?

Log into eServices and click on the 'Subscribe or update your email address' link. The screen will display all email addresses previously provided. Change email addresses by clicking 'Edit' and typing over the address. Delete an email address by clicking on 'Delete'.

Can I email my documents and attachments back to NCAT?

NCAT's system does not currently enable supporting material to be lodged electronically, i.e. by email. NCAT is working on changes to its systems to enable this to happen in the future. Please send your case-related documents by post or in person to any NCAT Registry Office.


I've lost the details of my hearing - can I view or reprint these online?

No, you cannot view or reprint application details after the application has been lodged. If you need another copy of the application or your Notice of Hearing, contact NCAT on 1300 006 228.

Why didn't I receive an automatic hearing date?

There are several reasons why a NCAT Online application may not be automatically listed for a hearing. These include:

  • You have requested an interpreter or have special needs which require action by the Registry.
  • The hearing venue may have no hearing list available for your particular matter. Your application will be scheduled for hearing by Registry staff and you will receive a notice in the post or via email if you have opted to receive emails.

Can I request a urgent hearing using NCAT Online?

No, you cannot request an urgent hearing using NCAT Online.

Technical troubleshooting

My username and password aren't working

NCAT Online usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Please check your ‘Caps Lock’ before attempting to log in.

Forgotten your pa​ssword? To reset your password ​you will need your NCAT Online user name and registered email address.

If you are the Frequent User Administrator for your office, make sure you are not trying to log in using your Administrator username and password. You must log in using the username and password given to you by the Administrator in your office. 

If you are the Administrator, you can call the NCAT Helpdesk on 1300 305 215 who can reset your password, or by email to​

I can't get past the Terms & Conditions page even though I have completed the mandatory items

You need to indicate that you have agreed to the Terms and conditions by placing a tick in the box on this page before you can continue. There are also minimum browser requirements needed to use NCAT Online.

After entering my credit card details, I get an error message. What do I do now?

If you receive any error messages while using NCAT Online please contact the NCAT Helpdesk on 1300 305 215 or email between 9:00am and 4:30pm and they can assist in identifying the cause of the problem.

Last updated:

08 Sep 2022

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