Communicating with NCAT

All communication about a case should be directed to the relevant NCAT Registry. 

Quote your case number

Whenever you contact NCAT, please quote your file number. This helps us keep all your correspondence and documents together. You can find your NCAT file number on any correspondence we have sent you about the case.

Please do not copy NCAT into any emails or other correspondence between the parties where no action is required by NCAT.

Do not contact the Tribunal Member

You must not attempt to contact a Tribunal Member directly. This includes attempting to communicate face to face, by telephone, by email, by post, through social media or by any other means

Information you provide about a case

If you provide information to us in relation to a case, we may be obliged by law to share it with other parties in the case.

Learn more about confidentiality and privacy.

Last updated:

22 Nov 2023

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Please don't include personal or financial information here
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